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Rider Glass Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Rider Glass") who provides top services to customers around the world is the largest glass industry supplier in China with a history of 28 years.

The company is specialized in the production and export of basic products such as float glass, coated glass, patterned glass and deep-processed products such as mirror, reinforced, laminated and hollow glass, which are widely used in the construction industry, automobile industry, decoration and housing. At present, the company has sold products to more than 126 countries in the world with network covering the Middle East, India Subcontinent, Europe, Baltic States, Africa, Oceania and America.

  • 1993

    Founded in

  • 126

    Delivered to

  • 200


  • 4000,0000

    Annual production(sqm)

Rider Glass has its own joint venture factory and all products produced by it have passed various international certifications, including AS / NZS 2208: 1996, CE CERTIFICATE, SGCC, etc., which can meet the quality requirements of customers in different markets for different products.

The company which has a rigorous production research and development team, high-quality professional sales team with senior sales managers of more than ten years’ professional sales experience in glass and perfect after-sales support to provide more professional products and services to each customer has established a good partnership with the customers over the years and is highly praised by the customers. As a glass supplier with history of 28 years, Rider Glass has the most favorable product prices and high-quality product quality by virtue of its comprehensive strength over the years. 

Simultaneously, as a VIP customer of major shipping companies around the world, Rider Glass exclusively enjoys the shipping space guarantee and freight services at more favorable prices of shipping companies.As a top foreign trade supplier in the industry, the company has standardized trade contracts to protect the rights and interests of customers as well as a mature ERP system to ensure the security and flow of information.

The company is familiar with the requirements of documents in different markets and is more professional to ensure that customers have no worries in customs clearance.The company has superior resources and strong technical support to ensure each step from order placing to final delivery, which lays a solid foundation for high quality, high efficient and high standard delivery of products and Rider Glass will do its best to meet all of your glass needs.